Investing: It’s A Jungle Out There! How To Ride The Bulls AND The Bears

A Few Practical Tips On Investing

Have you considered investing, but figured that it is for people who have money to burn? Do you see the current condition of the stock market and cringe. Are you relieved that you didn’t sink money into that stock you’ve been watching, that is dropping in value every day? If so, consider this: investing is an excellent tool for building personal wealth for anyone — if done correctly.

Investing Makes Sense

You CAN invest a little or a lot – if you buy lottery tickets, your money is better off in the stock market. And, despite the indicators that the stock market is depressed, NOW is the time to invest – taking the risk on undervalued stocks is the BEST way to gain value over the long term.

A Bull In A China Shop

When economic optimism is high, it’s easy to invest in the stock market and feel as though your money is being wisely spent. That is what almost everyone is thinking, as well, which is why prices are so high – the law of supply and demand applies to the stock market, too. As the cycle reverses, though, you watch the value of your stocks sink, destroying your confidence, and prompting you to bail out by selling your stocks and cutting your losses. This is a bad move.

Don’t Try To Outrun The Bear – Outrun Your Companion

To gain the most from investing, you need to have the courage to keep your stocks, even when they drop in response to market conditions, and then buy MORE. Take advantage of everyone else’s pessimism and the massive sell-offs of stock, and buy, buy, buy.

Yes, as with any stock purchase, there is always a chance that you will lose money over the long haul. If you choose your stocks wisely, however (there are a variety of online and in-print services to assist you with this process), you will see that, not only will your bull market stocks recover (and you’ll be glad you didn’t sell and take a loss!), but your bear market stocks will blossom.

As a result, you will receive a hefty payoff when you do decide to sell – which is hopefully at the height of the next bull market – when everyone else is buying!