Is Bigger Always Better When Choosing A Snowblower?

Some Helpful Tips for Choosing a Snowblower

With the snow season heavily upon us many are finding themselves in the process of choosing a snowblower. Before you run out to the local store however, there are some things you need to keep in mind. These tips should help…

Blower or Thrower?

The first thing that should be addressed when choosing a snowblower is whether you’re looking for a snow thrower or an actual snowblower. Snowblowers are two-stage machines. Stage 1 is when an auger feeds snow to a flywheel. Stage 2 is the flywheel flinging the snow out the chute. These units are almost always more powerful than the typical snow throwers.

Snow throwers are usually single-stage machines. In this case the auger rapidly spins so that the snow it pulls in is quickly ejected out the chute based upon the velocity of the spinning auger. These units usually weaker than snowblowers, especially in terms of horse power.

Consider Your Space

Now that we’ve established a difference between snow blowers and throwers, a prospective buyer of a snow clearing machine should be looking at how much of an area they expect to clear. For example, if you have a small single-car driveway and little or no sidewalk then you would more than likely be best served by a smaller snow clearing machine.

If, however, you have one of those expansive driveways and perhaps you tend to help out you neighbors every so often, then a much larger snow clearing machine should be in your sights.

Shop Wisely

Most of us tend to buy things when we really need them, but if you expect save some money when you are buying your snowblower or thrower, there are few things that can make the purchase less stressful on your wallet.

The first and ultimately most important thing to do is buy your snowblower or thrower when there is a sale. The best sales are had when there is no snow on the ground, but mid-winter snowblower sales are not unheard of.

The second thing to keep in mind is do not buy a bigger unit than you really need. Sure that big monster of a model clears snow like nobody’s business, but it may also take up more garage space than you have to and it will consume more energy. A smaller model may serve you well and it can save you money.