Is Cable Really a Necessity of Life?

Many Consumers Manage without Cable

So many consumers allow technology to rule their lives. In many homes, it’s not uncommon for the television to be turned on even when no one is watching it. Couple that with the fact that usually every bedroom in the house is equipped with a television and you’ll have a lot of viewing hours logged in a given day. There is a growing number of consumers who get by perfectly fine without cable television, and below you’ll learn more about how this is possible.

Weaning Yourself Off

If you want to cancel cable or reduce your monthly cable plan, you will definitely have to reduce your reliance on television. You really should remove television sets from all the bedrooms in your home. If you have a teenager who refuses to give up his or her television, you’ll have to negotiate. A common negotiation practice is to allow the child to choose between the cell phone and a television in the bedroom. Many consumers have found this to be a reasonable compromise.

Healthy Substitutions

If you can reduce your family’s reliance on television, you can make the transition to no cable easier. Try scheduling activities during the week so that there isn’t much idle time around for watching television. Most likely, this will improve your overall health and well being because your activity level in will increase. Consumers nationwide have found that when they trimmed their cable, they got fit or spent more quality time together as a family.

If you have Internet access in your house, then you could probably get buy without cable. Since a lot of the news information that you receive could be found on the Internet, there will be no need for the Fox News or CNN network to stay up to date on current events. Many savvy consumers would much prefer their Internet access to their cable television.

If you live near an urban area, then you should consider buying a power antenna to receive local television channels over the air. For just a one-time fee of $20 or $30, you could get any powered antenna to receive the major networks for free. The major television networks have some of the best broadcast such as the Super Bowl and American Idol. Consumers in urban areas have a much easier time living without cable when multiple channels are accessible over the air.