Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

What happens if you don’t have pet insurance?

Is pet insurance worth it? That depends. Before you answer this question, consider what would happen if your pet is seriously ill or injured and you don’t have insurance.

What happens if you don’t have pet insurance?

You’ve just gotten home from work, exhausted, and ready to put your feet up when you hear a knock at the door. You don’t want to open it, but you see that it’s your neighbor and can tell something is wrong by her frantic knocking.

What she tells you is hard to comprehend. Your beloved Buster escaped from the back yard while you were at work and ran in front of a car. She took him to the vet, but he is seriously hurt and is going to need surgery. You race to the vet hoping your neighbor is wrong only to find that it’s all true.

Decision time.

What do you do? Surgery will save Buster, but the bill is going to be phenomenal.

Put him to sleep? Unthinkable. Not only can you not stand the thought, but you also can’t stand breaking such news to your children and the look you know will be on their faces.

Pet insurance isn’t something many people even think about much less buy until they need it. The general consensus is that it is an unnecessary expense. After all, there’s the mortgage, kids to feed and clothes, and car payments. Who has extra money for pet insurance?

The truth is, if your pet is more than just a pet, if your pet is like a member of the family, being put in the above scenario can break your heart. There are many different pet insurance plans available that cover all types of pet illnesses, yearly shots, and accidents. Depending on the plan you choose, they can be very affordable and are small enough payments you most likely won’t miss the money.

Consider your situation. Is your pet just a pet or is your pet a member of the family? Use your heart to decide if pet insurance is worth it.