Is Premium Gas Really Necessary?

Do You Really Need to Put Premium Gas in Your Car?

If you’ve paid attention to the prices at the pump lately, you’ve probably noticed an upward trend. With gas prices going so high, saving money wherever possible is important. So with the big price difference between premium gas and regular, is it really necessary to put premium in your car?

The Myths Abound

There are a number of myths circulating about premium gas versus regular gas. From claims that regular gas isn’t good for your engine to rumors that premium gas will get you better gas mileage, the myths are definitely out there. But is there any truth to them? Usually not. In most cases regular gas won’t hurt your engine and premium gas won’t get you better gas mileage.

The Difference is Barely Noticeable

In all honesty, if you’re paying for premium gas, you may be throwing those extra dollars away each time you fill up your tank. While there is a little difference in engine power when running on regular gas as opposed to premium, the difference is so slight that your average driver won’t even notice.

So the next time you fill up your tank, choose regular over premium gas and keep your extra money where it belongs — in your pocket.