Is Your Child Ready for a Pet?

How Do You Know When It’s Time to Get Your Child a Pet?

So your child’s been asking for a pet but you’re just not sure that now is the right time. After all, a pet is a big responsibility and buying your child one means that you take on that responsibility if your child doesn’t. So how do you figure out if now is the right time?


If your child starts asking for a pet, make sure that he or she isn’t just asking on a whim. Don’t jump in right away and say yes. Wait a few weeks and see if your child keeps on asking. If they keep asking for a pet for that long, chances are they’re serious about it.

Start Small

If you think it’s time to get your child a pet, start small with a goldfish or a mouse. If your child can handle something small, chances are it’ll prepare them for when it’s time to get a puppy or a cat. If you jump right in and get them a larger pet, they may become overwhelmed due to being unprepared and will lose interest, leaving you with the pooper scooper.