Junk Mail You Don’t Want To Throw Away

Why You Should Give Junk Mail a Second Glance

Sometimes we get so inundated with junk mail that we toss it without even thinking about how it could benefit us. A store flyer? Throw it in the trash. A blue advertisement envelope? Chuck it. If this sounds familiar, you might want to rethink the way you handle your junk mail.

Those Coupon Envelopes

The other day my husband was going to throw away our Valpak coupon envelope before I even got the chance to open it. Let’s just say he’s trying to re-attach his head as we speak. We’ve been married quite a few years. He should know better than to touch my Valpak.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the Valpak envelope is the blue envelope that’s filled with area coupons. They also have a website (which I’ve frequented on occasion). Sure it looks like junk mail but I rarely pay full price for dining and I never pay full price for an oil change thanks to this mailer. If you’ve been in the habit of tossing this gem as soon as it arrives, you might want to think twice.

Store Flyers

I love a sale and sure those flyers clutter up the counter if you don’t keep on top of them, but they’re definitely worth reading and when you’re done with them they make great liners for pet cages (as long as you have the kind where your pet isn’t walking directly on the paper and can’t chew on it). They also make great packing if you frequently mail boxes from home.

Area Coupon Publications

You know those magazines, like The Clipper, that you get? Sure, it’s junk mail and filled with 90 percent advertisements, but it does let you know about businesses in your area. Before I started reading these I had no idea how many great places there were to shop and eat in my town. Little, out-of-the-way gems can be found in these great publications.

So there you have it — the good side of the junk mail phenomena. Before you throw your next piece of junk mail away, ask yourself if you really shouldn’t take a quick peek at it first.