Kitty’s Crumble: Is The Newest Cat Litter the Best Cat Litter?

A review of the newest cat litter to hit the market, Kitty’s Crumble.

In my search for environmentally responsible cat litters, I stumbled across Kitty’s Crumble one afternoon in my local pet store and thought I’d give it a try. I was pleasantly surprised by how it well it worked and thought I’d test it out a bit more to see if it really was as fantastic as it initially seemed. Here’s how it holds up!

Environmentally friendly cat litters

There are a number of enviro-friendly cat litters out there, but Kitty’s Crumble is the only one that also claims to mimic a friendly environment for cats! If you have feline friends, you’ve probably noticed that if they spurn the litter boxes, it’s usually in favor of a friendly house plant. That’s because cats like to use dirt, and Kitty’s Crumble is a very dirt-like texture.

So what’s in there? Kitty’s Crumble consists of coir, which comes from extracting long fibers from coconut husks. The resulting coir is spongy and absorbs odor and moisture. The litter contains no colors, chemicals, or toxins, which means it won’t hurt your kitties if they decide to try a bite, and it effectively mimics the feel and look of dirt (without the mess).

Better still for those with an environmental conscience, Kitty’s Crumble can become fertilizer (with solid materials removed) after you’re through with it. That makes it the best cat litter for disposal, since most cat litters — even if they come from recycled materials — wind up in a landfill.

Kitty’s Crumble is great for other animals’ litter boxes, too. It’s particularly effective for rabbits since rabbit droppings make for the absolute best fertilizer (lacking nitrogen as so many other manure style fertilizers contain). A combination of Kitty’s Crumble and rabbit droppings is a fantastic solution for any garden!

But does it work?

Of course, no cat litters are worth using if they don’t absorb moisture and control odor. Fortunately, Kitty’s Crumble does both of those things quite effectively. The cats love it and it does a great job of sucking up moisture and masking odor. That makes Kitty’s Crumble quite simply one of the best cat litters on the market today!