Know Important Recalls and Keep Your Family Safe

Don’t let a recall for a product your family uses slip past. Stay safe with this recall information

“Infant strangled to death in stroller now on recall list.” That’s it. That’s all you hear on the news. The problem is, you have a baby and you have a stroller. Is your stroller is considered unsafe? What stroller caused the death of this baby? How can you know your baby is safe if you can’t figure out what stroller is now on the recall list?

Keep your family safe

Many times, we hear about product recalls and we don’t pay attention or simply don’t worry about them. But sometimes, these recalls are crucial. For instance, we’ve seen how some products can cause death as in the egg recall, spinach recall, and many baby product recalls.

We have so much information thrown at us on a daily basis that we often let important information go by simply because we can’t handle any more at the moment. But when it comes to keeping our family safe, it’s very important to know what products are safe and what’s unsafe.

Fortunately, our government regulates this and all companies with unsafe products are required to list those items on a national recall list. Here’s the problem. If you only hear a piece of information or if you don’t listen to the news regularly, how will you know what’s safe or unsafe?

Federal Citizen Information Center

Any items on the national recall list are located at the Federal Citizen Information Center. A running list of everything on current recall is listed here including:

— automotive products

— children’s products

— consumer products

— food products

— health products

— plant and animal products

If you don’t find the information you’re looking for at this site, you can also try here to find recall information. Here, find information on consumer products, motor vehicles, boats, food, medicine, cosmetics, and environmental products.

Together with these two sites, you can find any information you need about product recalls. You can also ask questions if you don’t understand the recall or you don’t feel the information is complete.

So, the next time, you miss part of the information about a recall that’s crucial to you, visit one of these sites. Keep these Internet addresses handy so you can always get the latest about a recall that affects your family.