Let the Government Help You Save Money

Need a new car, house, furniture? Save money and let the government help you

If you like to save money and you like auctions, you’re in luck. You probably know the government is good at using your tax dollars to buy the things they need. But did you know that when they’re through with the items or no longer have any use for them, they put them up for sale in auctions?

Learn how you can save money from these two government auction sites.

Government Auction Sites

Looking for a few good deals? You can find them at Government Sales or Government Auctions. The United States government uses both of these sites to sell used government merchandise.

What will you find?

— Houses

— Building & Land

— Farms

— Vehicles & Parts

— Boats

— Planes

— Computers

— Electronics

— Office supplies

— Household goods

— Jewelry

— Sporting Goods

— Books & Music

The government posts the items for bid and the highest bidder gets the item. The only stipulation is that you, the item winner, are responsible for claiming the item. There usually isn’t packing or shipping available, so it is up to you to claim and pick up the item.

In other words, if you live in Florida, don’t bid on something located in Alaska unless you get the super-duper good deal of the century. Otherwise, these websites are very straightforward, usually having pictures of what’s up for bid, and the site is easy to navigate. All this works together to make it easy for you to save money and find good deals.

Use this information

So, how can you use this information? The first and most obvious way to take advantage of this information is to bid and buy things that you and your family needs at a low price. This is a no-brainer. But, the second way to use this information is to buy things you may not necessarily need but others want.

Bid on these things and then sell them yourself. For example, you’ll often see computers for sale in these auctions. If you see a lot for sale that contains 12 flat-computer screens, buy the lot, keep one for yourself and sell the rest on eBay or other online auction sites. You can also post ads in your local paper, have yard sales, or list the items for sale on Craig’s List on US Free Ads. This can be a great way to pick up some extra money.

Let the government help you. Shop these auction sites and see what great deals you can find that help you save money.