Let’s Talk Slap Chop!

Looking for someone to review slap chop? Look no further

Have you seen the slap chop commercials — online if not on TV. ‘That crazy slap chop guy’ is probably better known than the product he advertises. But as the novelty wears off, you turn your attention to the product itself, and begin to wonder: can you really do all this stuff with slap chop?

Let’s review slap chop!

Many of us are skeptical about products advertised on late-night infomercials, and with good reason. Television shopping is littered with rip-offs and bad deals. But every now and then there’s a diamond in the rough, and the slap chop consumer product just might be that diamond.

The concept is hardly unique. Take whatever you want to chop — whether it’s nuts, vegetables, or the like — and place it in a contained area beneath some blades. You then slap and chop — pressing the blades down over and over until you’ve diced the item.

While available at the discount stores too, why pay extra money for the slap chop? Well, there are actually a few reasons to prefer the name brand over the imitation. A few of the main ones include:

1. Blades

With the slap chop, the blades are extremely sharp, definitely capable of instantly dicing through nuts, let alone any veggie you can think of. Discount versions save you money by using duller blades.

2. It comes apart easily

This is a huge blessing, because cheaper products remain in one piece. Meaning if a piece of food gets wedged in an inaccessible part of the chopper, it’s there to stay. Since the slap chop comes apart, quickly and easily rinse it out after use.

3. The blades are closely spaced

That might not sound very exciting, but it means two important things. First of all, your food gets chopped into smaller pieces quicker. Second, food gets stuck in the blades less often. That is a major problem with cheaper versions of the chopper, which usually design their blades to cross in an X pattern.

So the verdict? Well, let’s put it this way: you’ll definitely use this item. Overall, in spite of its slightly bizarre advertising campaign, the slap chop is actually a great product at a fairly reasonable price.