Light Ice Cream — Is it Light on Taste?

Light ice cream sounds like a good idea — But is it?

Light ice cream. Hmmmm…try or not try it? Choosing a “light” ice cream is a tough endeavor. If it’s low in fat, then it’s got to be low on taste, right? Here’s what test results show.


Believe it or not, testers found that the light versions of their favorite ice creams taste just as good, if not better, than the original. Which light ice creams were the clear winners? Haagen-Daz, Edy’s, Breyers, and Ben & Jerry’s.

Probably no surprise. All of these companies make a good quality regular ice cream so, it stands to reason, they make a quality, good tasting light ice cream too.

Calories & fat

So, if these ice creams taste so good, are they really that good for you? That depends. The light versions of Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s had more calories and sugar than the regular Edy’s and Breyers ice creams.

To be considered a “light” ice cream, it must have one-third of the calories and half of the fat of regular ice cream. Haagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry’s meet this qualification, but if you’re really looking to cut calories, sticking with Edy’s and Breyers is your best bet.

Cost cutting

So they taste great, but what about the cost? Are they going to stick it to you for their “healthy for you” product? Again, if you stick with Edy’s and Breyers, you’ll be getting the same amount of ice cream for half the cost.

The bottom line? All of the major brands of light ice cream taste great, but if you want to save on fat, calories, and money, Edy’s and Breyers are the best way to go.