Make Money by Turning Your Trash Into Cash

Environmentally Conscious Ways to Make Money

Saving money is a top priority for savvy consumers, and there are many ways to go about doing this. We often provide you with tips on how to find great deals online or how to use coupons to decrease your grocery bill. Today we’re going to provide you with a money-saving idea that will show you how to turn your trash into cash.

The Benefits of Recycling

Recycling is great for the environment, and in some municipalities it’s not even optional. But did you know you could profit from recycling?

I know what you’re thinking… You’re envisioning that Seinfeld episode when Kramer and Newman used the mail truck to redeem aluminum cans in Michigan because they offer a higher price per can. With our suggestions, it’s much easier and less “tacky” to make money with recyclables.

Not Just an Ordinary Bank

RecycleBank is a recycling program that tries to help communities avoid landfill disposal fees. Consumers who join the free program get a RecycleBank container to put their recyclables in. A household can earn up to $35 a month in the RecycleBank account. This money is converted to coupons you can use at participating businesses.

RecycleBank is a great program that got our attention because it helps the environment and it helps you make money. While at this time, the available areas for this program are very limited, they are experiencing steady growth.

Trash to Cash

Another way to make money by turning your trash into cash is to have a yard sale. What you might consider junk might be very desirable to another individual. Before you waste valuable landfill space by throwing away clothing you wore once, have a yard sale. Many of our readers report earning as much as $600 from just one yard sale.

The eBay Way

Even old socks have sold on eBay! Think you have something no one else will want? Don’t trash it. See if you can get cash on Bay.

Remember, one man’s trash is another’s treasure. Instead of throwing everything away and wasting precious landfill space, recycle and make money!