Make Swimming Pool Safety a Priority

It’s Time to Discuss Swimming Pool Safety

It’s the time of year when the temperature begins to rise and when that happens, families everywhere look for ways to beat the heat. Sprinklers, inflatable backyard waterslides, and slip-n-slides are all popular choices but perhaps nothing is as popular as the backyard swimming pool. Because many families with backyard swimming pools have young children, swimming pool safety needs to be priority number one.

Scary Statistics

No one likes to think about it, but the fact of the matter is that swimming pools can be deadly to young children who don’t know how to swim. If you think that swimming pool accidents are uncommon, the fact that 2,000 children under age five are injured each year and 300 die may surprise you. While the numbers are startling, tragedy can be avoided with swimming pool safety measures.

A Fence is Imperative

If you have a swimming pool and you have young children, a fence surrounding the swimming pool is a must when it comes to swimming pool safety. Any swimming pool safety fence should be at least four feet tall and should be designed so that it is not possible for a child to climb it or slip through it. While a fence is not a substitute for constant supervision, it is a barrier that will deter your child from entering the area of danger and will at least give you more time to discover that your child is where he or she shouldn’t be before the worst can happen.

Door Alarms Can Save Lives

If you have a young child, a door alarm can literally save his or her life. Door alarms are an inexpensive and effective form of swimming pool safety. By placing them on each of the exits from your home you will be able to immediately tell if someone is entering or exiting. If the door alarm goes off, you will instantly know that your child is going outdoors and can stop the child before they get hurt.

Safety Covers

While a swimming pool safety fence and door alarms are definitely effective swimming pool safety measures, it is best to combine their use with that of a swimming pool safety cover. Any swimming pool safety cover you buy should ASTM pool cover standards.

By following the above swimming pool safety measures you will be able to drastically reduce your child’s chances of becoming injured due to a pool-related accident.