Money Saving Tips For Fighting Unstable Gas Prices

Tips to Help You Fight Those Bumpy Gas Prices

They go up, they go down, they go up, they go down — gas prices seem to be worse than some of the most volatile amusement park roller coasters. Just when you think they’re on a consistent downward trend, they go up again. That means money-saving tips are still in high demand, and with that in mind here are a few to help you save some dimes and dollars at the pump…

Getting The Right Fuel

While many people believe that getting the most expensive gas is what is best for your car’s engine, this isn’t always the case. In fact, unless your owner’s manual states that your car requires a higher octane level for performance, you’re better off putting in old-fashioned unleaded. Your car (and your pocketbook) will thank you — especially when gas prices are on the high side.

Change Those Driving Habits

Another great way to combat rising gas prices is to evaluate the way you drive your car. Turns out that our driving habits have quite the impact on our fuel consumption.

A few tips? First, stay within the speed limit. This allows your car to operate optimally. Gas efficiency drops drastically when you’re traveling at speeds over 60 mph.

In addition to adhering to the speed limit, you should also try to drive softly. This means avoiding rapid starts and stops. It also means that you should make use of overdrive functions when possible.

Limit Your Travel

Of course, limiting the amount you drive can also help fight the effect of gas prices on your budget. Try condensing several trips into one outing and plan your trips for times of the day when there is likely to be less traffic on the road. These habits not only allow you to conserve fuel, but they also save wear and tear on your vehicle.

While we all know that gas prices are bound to rise as time goes on, it doesn’t mean giving up your car for a horse and buggy. If you practice some of these tips you can minimize the impact that rising gas prices have on your wallet.