Mystic Tan: My First-Hand Experience with the Spray-Tan Phenomena

What You Need To Know About Mystic Tan

After reading Lydia’s post the other day about safe tanning options, I decided to look further into the Mystic Tan spray-on tan option. After all, my white-as-snow complexion has caused me to be mistaken for the walking dead on more than one occasion. If $20 and 30 seconds could change all that, I’d be quite the happy camper. Here’s the 4-1-1 on my Mystic Tan experience.

The Pricing Game

First and foremost, call around before you go get a Mystic Tan. I called five different places within a 20 minute drive of me. Prices ranged from $12 to $25. I settled on a location that was 10 minutes from my home with a price of $17. Before you go to a salon that offers Mystic Tan, make sure you do your homework. If you decide to continue with the service, the dollars can really add up if you end up overpaying.

Before I Jumped In

Before I jumped into the Mystic Tan session I watched the info video offered by Mystic Tan’s website. It explained the process and what I should do before and after my tan. If you decide to Mystic Tan, I suggest you do your own research on the Web. You’ll learn how to exfoliate properly and what to do before and after you enter the Mystic Tan spray booth.

During the Tan

I have to admit – even with the homework I did I wasn’t fully prepared for my Mystic Tan session. I took a nice deep breath during the countdown but when the cold jet of Mystic Tan spray hit me that breath shot out of me. I was trying hard not to breathe the mist, but ended up with a mouthful of it anyway.

It was a really fast process. I was in the room for less than five minutes. That included undressing, getting the tan, toweling off and getting dressed again. I was told to expect results in about six hours so I looked at the clock and went about my day as usual.

The Results

So, did the Mystic Tan work? Yes it did. But it took longer than six hours. I actually didn’t see any real results till the next morning. I have to say that the tan didn’t streak and it doesn’t look orange (two things I was really afraid of). Would I do it again? You bet I would.

If you’re pale like me and have been thinking there’s no tanning solution in the world that will work for you, then Mystic Tan might be the answer. It worked for me, and nothing else ever has (including expensive high-end cosmetic company self-tanners that sell for $60 a bottle). For $12 to $25 a session, Mystic Tan is definitely worth a try.