Natural Household Cleaners: Green Cleaning

Cleaning Your House the Natural Way with Natural Household Cleaners

If you only knew what they were putting in the products you clean your home with. You’d think twice about spraying them around your pets and your children! Not to mention the havoc these products wreak on the environment. Fortunately, there’s a greener way to get cleaner. Here are some brands you’ll want to get to know if you’re concerned about your family’s health as well as the environment.

Mrs. Meyer’s

I love Mrs. Meyer’s. Not in the romantic sense, of course. But I seriously love her natural household cleaners.

When it comes to window cleaners, a lot of natural products are streaky and don’t get the job done. Not Mrs. Meyer’s. This product line offers an awesome glass cleaner and the scent is to die for. If you’re looking for a natural household cleaner to get your glass sparkling, try Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Window Spray in the Geranium scent.

Her pet products are awesome too. I use the Gentle Pet Wipes to sponge bath my dogs for a quick freshening and her Freshening Spray for the dog’s bed and cat’s litter box area.

Seventh Generation

This product line also offers a number of natural household cleaners. I like the laundry detergent best. Their glass cleaner is not as good as Mrs. Meyer’s, but the laundry detergent is definitely top notch. The dishwasher detergent is also a good choice, and you can buy other environment-friendly products like toilet paper and baby wipes from this brand.

Earth Friendly Products

I hate the bleachy or nasty chemical smell of almost every toilette bowl cleaner on the market. That’s why Earth Friendly Products’ Toilet Kleener is my favorite when it comes to bathroom cleaning. Forget about harsh scents. This one smells like cedar. It’s as powerful as any of the harsh cleaners I’ve tried and it’s good for the environment (not to mention a lot easier on septic systems than the mainstream stuff).

Buying the Brands

Natural and whole foods stores usually carry these brands. I personally get mine from on the Subscribe and Save scheduled shipment option. It’s cheaper and I can stock up for less, meaning I never run out.

Seriously, if you want your house clean without nasty chemicals and you want to be good to the environment, check out these natural household cleaners. They’re definitely worth a try.