Need A Great Car Deal? Try This!

A New Approach To Getting A Great Car Deal

Shopping for a car is not something my wife and I look forward to. On the contrary, my blood pressure goes up and she gets a headache the moment we decide it’s time to embark on a car-buying adventure. Not because we have a phobia of automobiles. We just don’t like sharks. Earlier this week when our car finally gave out and we decided to bite the bullet and another one, my wife decided to take a new approach at the dealership. If you’re looking for a great car deal, you have to read this.

Throw The First Punch

Okay, I am more than willing to admit that there may be car dealerships out there that don’t try to suck your bank account dry — I just haven’t run across any yet. Because of this, my wife and I have employed a number of different “best deal” techniques each and every time we’ve had to buy a car. The problem is, this time my wife just didn’t have the time or patience to “play the game” with the dealer. This is how the scenario went…

My wife and I walk into the Ford dealership (I don’t want to hear any nasty comments about Fords. Our Explorer lasted us close to 200,000 miles!). I think she’s going to play the “I Don’t Know If We’re Going To Trade In Our Car” game, but to my utter surprise, something entirely different comes out of her mouth. The conversation went something like this:

Car salesman: “How can I help you this evening?”

My wife (looking the car salesman dead in the eye): “I need a car. I’m tired, I’m busy and I really don’t feel like playing any games tonight.” (Now to give my wife some credit – the guy did look like the stereotypical “slick” car salesman so she wasn’t entirely out of line.)

Car salesman: “We don’t play games here. What you see on the sticker is what you pay.” He points to a sign as he says, “No-hassle pricing – see?”

My wife: “Yeah. Okay. I sold brand new Acuras before I even reached the age of 20.” (Long story, but this was true…) “Tell it to someone who doesn’t know the game. I want to see this car (she shows him an ad printout for a car she had pulled from their website) and if it meets my approval I’m willing to pay $X for it.”

Well, $X happened to be close to $2,000 less than the price that was on the “no-hassle” sticker.

Car salesman: “I really don’t think that’s going to be possible.”

My wife: “Thank you. I’ll take my business elsewhere”

Then she grabbed my hand and started walking for the door. Normally I would have asked her to wait a minute, but for those of you men out there who are married, you will understand when I say that she had “the look” that said I’d best keep my mouth shut and follow her out the door.

Give The Lady A Round Of Applause

Just as we were reaching for the door, the car salesman comes running up to us asking us to wait just a moment while he goes and speaks with his manager. To make a long story short, we left the dealership that night paying the price my wife had laid out on the table, and she even got them to remove the ridiculous “prep fee” and the “advertising fee” on top of that. Our total savings was actually more than $2,000 less than the “no-haggle” price.

Oh, and did I mention we were in and out of the dealership in just over an hour? I’ve never been in and out of a car dealership so fast in my life.

The Bottom Line

Yes, my ego is a bit bruised. I’ll admit it. I’m a man. I’m supposed to be the one to take charge — the one to make the deal. However, I don’t think I could have done what my wife did.

I’m sorry if this sounds “chauvinistic” but I really think the salesman didn’t expect it coming from a woman and I think it took him by surprise. This, my friends, is where women seem to have the best negotiating power. They expect another man to be bull-headed but they don’t expect a woman to waltz in there and demand control of the situation.

So this is my advice… The next time you have to buy a car, take you wife, sister, mother or female friend to the car dealership with you and have them use the same approach my wife used. If it works for you as well as it worked for us, you’ll save a lot of time and a bunch of money.