Need a Vacation?

When booking your winter vacation, be careful of scams.

If you live in any of the northern states right now, it’s the dead of winter and you can probably use a good vacation. The problem is, it’s after Christmas and you probably can’t afford the vacation of your dreams right now. While there are many good travel deals out there that you can indeed afford, how do you tell the legitimate offers from the nightmare vacation scams?

Credibility is a Must

When booking a vacation, make sure you’re dealing with a reputable licensed travel agent. Check the BBB to see if any complaints have been filed against the company you’re working with. If they have unresolved BBB complaints, you’ll want to look elsewhere for your vacation needs.

Watch Out For Extra Fees

When you see the ads for all-inclusive trips starting at $299 per person, their probably too good to be true. First and foremost, the dates you want to take your vacation probably won’t be covered by that low price and there may be extra fees that aren’t being disclosed up front. When extra fees start getting added on, they can add up to more than the original cost of the trip if you’re not careful.