New Furniture Mixed With Used Can Create the Perfect Look

New Furniture is Not Always Necessary

Do you need any new furniture? When you are making a furniture purchase, there are some important things to consider. Buying new furniture is usually considered a major purchase. It costs a lot of money to try to furnish an entire room. Before you make a new furniture purchase, you should consider the following tips.

Buy Now, Pay Later

Buying new furniture on a store credit card the furniture store encourages you to apply for is not always a great deal. The interest rate on a store credit card can be upwards of 25%. Unless you know you can pay off the entire balance within the promotional period, you should avoid purchasing new furniture on a furniture store credit card.

Something Borrowed Rather than Something New

Try to determine if you can furnish your home or apartment with used furniture rather than new furniture. Used furniture can be a great bargain. Scour the local newspapers to locate yard sales or flea markets where people might be selling furniture they no longer need.

Obviously, there are certain pieces you might not prefer to buy used such as a mattress, but items such as used bookshelves, dressers, and chests are more for functional purposes and can be purchased used.

Buy a Piece at a Time

When you have an entire room or even an entire house to furnish, you don’t need to buy all the new furniture you need at once. Consider buying a few pieces per room.

Perhaps, you can purchase a new sofa and entertainment cabinet and purchase the coffee table and end tables later. For a bedroom, you can probably get away with a new bed and dresser or armoire and delay purchasing the other pieces until later.

Mix and Match

You might also consider purchasing some new furniture and mixing it with used pieces. The end result will be an eclectic mix of furniture that will be just as dazzling and interesting as if you purchased all new furniture.