New Year’s Eve on a Budget

On a budget? Have a great New Year’s Eve celebration anyway

Having a New Year’s Eve party while trying to stick to a budget might sound impossible. But it isn’t. Follow these tips, ideas, and suggestions and enjoy your New Year’s Eve celebration.


1. Party into the New Year without spending a fortune on food

If you are having close, casual friends and family over, ask everyone to bring one food item to share.

2. Don’t serve a New Year’s Eve dinner if your budget is tight

New Year’s can be just as much fun without the fuss and expense of a full dinner. Plan your party to start late — everyone needs to make it until midnight anyway. By starting late, most of your guests eat before they get to the party.

3. Have the basics

Cheese, crackers, and veggie platters go a long way toward keeping guests happily munching along. Check out some pictures and ideas from fancy catering sites online. Get new ideas about how to present these basic foods and make them look special. Be sure and keep extra to replenish the trays.

4. Cook ahead

Make cookie dough and other appetizers a week in advance. The night of the party, all you have to do is pop them in the oven. By making these treats ahead of time, you save lots of money and spare yourself some stress at the last minute.

5. Budget-friendly recipes

Search online for budget-friendly appetizers. You’re sure to find plenty that appeal to your tastes and will help you save money.

6. Plan amounts

If you’re not serving dinner, guests average 12 hors d’oeurves each so plan accordingly. This way, you won’t have too little or too much that will go to waste.


1. New Year’s Eve decorations on a budget

If you want to clean house and put up the Christmas decorations to get ready for your New Year’s bash, go ahead. Just remember to think outside the box and repurpose your Christmas decorations.

For example, take ‘Christmassy’ trinkets off your wreath and use it and a vase as a centerpiece. Fill the vase with plain Christmas bulbs — it will look great.

2. Bring in the outdoors

Use fallen tree branches, pinecones and holly as decoration around your home. Spray paint the branches and pinecones silver and add to crystal vases for a great look.

3. Candles

Candles are your best friend when decorating on a budget. Use tea lights throughout the food table, the mantel, and even in the bathroom to give your home a cozy, but party atmosphere.

Go ahead…have your bash and have a great time. Being on a budget is no reason to sit at home alone and spend a dreary night. Follow these tips and have a great New Year’s Eve party.