Not All Online Pharmacies Are Created Equal

What You Need to Know About Online Pharmacies

For us here in the United States, online pharmacies can be a godsend. After all, we’ve got some of the highest prescription costs in the world and as much as we hear there are things being done to change all that, the proof is in the pudding and we ain’t seen any pudding around here for a while. Unfortunately, while online pharmacies can often be a solution to the pharmaceutical madness, not all of them are created equal. There are some things you need to know before buying prescription drugs online.

Location Matters

When it comes to online pharmacies, the location of the actual pharmacy does make a difference. Just because the website looks like it’s for a US pharmacy doesn’t mean it is and the only places you really want to purchase prescription drugs from is online pharmacies that are physically located in the United States or Canada.

Why does it matter where the medicine comes from? Because every country has different laws regarding the regulation and quality control of prescription drugs. If you need a prescription and you order from a foreign online pharmacy that isn’t legitimate, you could pay for it with your life.

Before ordering from any online pharmacy, ask where the drugs are shipped from and where the pharmacy is physically located. Even if the website shows a US or Canadian address, the pharmacy could be located an India and you would never know it until the medicine came.

You Still Need a Prescription

If you purchase prescription drugs from a pharmacy that does not ask you for a written prescription or one that does not get authorization from your doctor, you’re dealing with an illegitimate operation. Real pharmacies will require a written prescription even though you’re ordering the medication online.

While it’s true that online pharmacies are a valuable resource, the wrong one can literally kill you. Don’t order from online pharmacies you aren’t familiar with and never order from one that doesn’t require a written prescription.