Once Again, Consumer Savvy Shoppers Get Creative to Save Money

Consumer Savvy Shoppers and Tuna

Tuna is a versatile food and is usually found in the pantry of most consumer savvy shoppers. If you haven’t yet incorporated tuna as a diet staple, you don’t know what you’re missing. Tuna is economical and has a multitude of uses. Here’s why you should add it to your grocery list.

Tuna is the Versatile Fish

How many things can you really do with tuna? I don’t blame you for being skeptical. Most people think tuna is a boring food. While it might be boring straight out of the can, with a little creativity you can transform tuna into many different culinary delights. We’re going to get you started below with three of our favorite uses for tuna.

Who’s Up For Casserole?

Tuna casserole. Most consumer savvy shoppers I know have said time and time again that they eat tuna noodle casserole at least once a week. Friday is a great day for tuna noodle casserole because by the end of the week most of us are too tired to get creative at dinnertime. All you’ll need is a can of tuna, some cooked noodles, and a can of cream-based soup.

Say Meow

If you run out of cat food at 11 o’clock at night the easiest solution is to open a can of tuna. This versatile pantry staple has saved me on many occasions. I don’t have to run out to the convenience store and pay premium prices for generic pet food, and my cat’s happy as long as I keep him separated from my dog who will devour the tuna when I’m not watching.

Lunch Anyone?

Tuna salad is perhaps one of the quickest and tastiest lunches around. You can serve it on bread, English muffins, or croissants. It’s always delicious. Make your mornings easier and prepare a quick tuna salad at home. If you buy it at the deli, you’ll pay more than four times the cost, and we’ll ban you from the consumer savvy shoppers club!

Stock Up

Purchase tuna in bulk. You should have at least ten tuna cans in your pantry at all times. Buy your favorite type of tuna (when it’s on sale of course). You can buy tuna in water or tuna in oil, and if you want something with a bit more sophistication, buy albacore tuna.

Of course you shouldn’t eat Tuna every day of the week, but it is healthy in moderation and makes a great staple in your consumer savvy pantry.