One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) — Giving Every Child in the World a Laptop

You Can Help Make the One Laptop Per Child Vision a Reality

Nicholas Negroponte from MIT has a vision: to make laptops for $100 to give one to every child in the world, starting with children in poor countries. At the moment, the price has been squeezed down to $200 per laptop. (This price, like just about all electronics, will continue to drop.)

Although these are very cool laptops, consumers can’t buy them. Except for a limited time to help jumpstart the project. That’s why One Laptop Per Child is offering a Give One, Get One program for a very limited time. Help OLPC by donating a laptop through their noble program and you’ll be able to buy one. Intrigued? Read on…

What Is One Laptop Per Child?

One Laptop Per Child, also known as OLPC, is a charity organization that believes that every school-aged child in the world should have a connected laptop to work with. For $399, you can buy two: one to donate to a student in a developing country and one to keep for yourself. Children who would otherwise have no hope of accessing the wealth of resources on the Web will be able to master the Internet thanks to your generosity.

What is an XO Laptop?

The XO laptop is the computer designed and distributed by One Laptop Per Child. It’s a rugged, durable and user-friendly laptop that runs on Linux and features chat, Internet browsing, a calculator, journal, games and other educational applications.

A Special Offer

Being able to send an Internet-connected laptop to an underprivileged child in a developing country for just $399 is a reward itself. Until December 31, 2007, you’ll be able to Give one and Get one.

Each person who participates in this program will also receive a year of free HotSpot access from T-Mobile.

Even if you have no need for an XO laptop, now is the perfect time to donate through the One Laptop Per Child program. Send one laptop via the program and donate the one you get to a local school or charity. It’s a win-win situation anyway you look at it.

What’s even better is that your gift is partially tax deductible. You’ll be able to deduct $200 of the amount come tax time (and that, my friends, is right around the corner).

If you are interested in participating in the give one, get one deal, time is of the essence. The offer is very limited, running from November 12 to the December 31st. After that, the deal is no longer available. You’ll still be able to donate laptops to the program, you just won’t get one in return. For more information click here for the Give One Get One program in the United States and Canada.