Onebrella: The Last Umbrella You’ll Buy?

The Onebrella claims to be the last umbrella you’ll ever buy. How good is it really?

If you use an umbrella with any frequency, you know exactly what the Onebrella’s producers are talking about when they mention umbrellas flipping inside out. Until I moved to the coast, I thought that only happened in the movies. The first time my umbrella flipped, leaving me battling the relentless rain and wind, I realized that was not the case.

So naturally, the idea of a windproof umbrella caught my eye. The Onebrella claims to be the best umbrella on the market and even offers a replacement guarantee if the umbrella flips inside out, bends, or get damaged. They go so far as to make it no questions asked, meaning you can beat someone around the head with it and still get a new umbrella. That sounds worth a shot!


Like many commercial umbrellas, the Onebrella claims to be the best on the market. But for once, it might actually meet that claim. Here are some of the things that set this rain umbrella apart from its competitors:

— It stays right side out in wind of up to 60 mph (and if the wind’s going much faster than that, you’d better find shelter fast!)

— It comes with an extension pole that lets you transform it into a beach umbrella

— It’s made of — no joke — race car materials for added durability

— Wind vents keep your umbrella from becoming a saucer but still allow you to stay dry

With all of this, the Onebrella has a lot going for it. Add the replacement guarantee, and you’re sure to leave smiling.


The main downside here is price. The Onebrella isn’t ridiculously expensive, but at forty bucks plus S&H it’s not exactly cheap, either. Still, if it really is the best umbrella on the market — and it seems to be — then it’s worth the price.

Some people have also complained about the size of the thing. There’s a mini version, but it doesn’t work quite as well — and here’s the thing, folks: if you want a windproof umbrella, it’s going to be a bit bigger. It certainly won’t fit into your purse. But with a convenient carrying case and shoulder strap, that’s not really such a big deal.

The verdict, then? I’d check it out — the Onebrella really might be the last umbrella you’ll ever buy!