Ovulation Tests – Get Pregnant When You Want

Ovulation tests are great at helping you conceive exactly when you want. Learn which are best.

Ovulation tests are great tools to have if you’re trying to get pregnant. Whether you just want to choose the exact month you conceive or whether you’re having difficulty getting pregnant, these tests are great for predicting ovulation and increasing your chances of pregnancy.

Ovulation Tests

Clearblue Easy – This ovulation test is the most expensive, but it gives you more control. Its battery-powered monitor tracks two hormones that are key to becoming pregnant. With the Clearblue Easy monitor, you’ll know which days to test and you get a reading that alerts you to peak times for conceiving.

If you don’t want to track long-term ovulation times or feel this is unnecessary, Clearblue Easy has an ovulation test pack that’s much less expensive and gives you immediate results for your hormone levels.

Early-Pregnancy-Tests.com – This handy website sells tests strips that are much less expensive than name brand test kits. Because most ovulation tests measure LH, they’re all pretty much the same. Most of the time, you’re paying for a brand name. If you don’t mind waiting for delivery, you can get reliable ovulation test strips from this website for much less.

Basal Digital Thermometers – Your basal body temperature is one of your best indications for ovulation. Taken first thing in the morning, a slight rise in temperature indicates you’re ovulating. These thermometers aren’t expensive, but are slightly less convenient to use. You have to remember to take your temperature every morning before getting out of bed and you must record your results.

Keep in Mind…

Ovulation tests are not birth control. Just because the test says you aren’t ovulating doesn’t mean you can rely on them NOT to become pregnant. If you’re trying to avoid having a baby, use a reliable method of birth control.

Also, don’t be disappointed if you don’t become pregnant the first month of using an ovulation test especially if you have irregular cycles. Ovulation prediction improves the more familiar you become with testing and using the kit. It might take you several months to understand your cycle. If you haven’t conceived after using an ovulation test for three consecutive months, talk to your doctor.