Pet Medications from Canada

Many Are Turning to Canada for their Pet Medications

It’s no secret that people have been turning to Canadian pharmacies to get prescription medications at a discount. Whether or not you agree with the practice, you have to admit it’s an increasing trend. What many people don’t realize is that not only are people turning to Canadian pharmacies for their own medication needs, but they’re turning to Canada for their pet medications as well.

An Expensive Responsibility

When you own a pet, it’s a huge responsibility and that responsibility can become quite costly. Even if your pet doesn’t become ill, the annual cost of pet medications used for flea prevention, heartworm prevention and other pet maintenance can really add up. It’s no wonder that thousands of pet owners are looking for ways to save money on their pet medications. So when people started going to Canada for their own prescription medicines, it’s no surprise that they started going there for their pet medications as well.

How Much Can You Save?

How much you save going to a Canadian pharmacy for your pet medications will depend on the medication you’re buying. For example, a 3 pack of Frontline Plus for a small dog costs just over $39 at one of the online U.S. pet pharmacies. If you go to one of the online Canadian pharmacies for pet medications, you can get the same product for just over $25. That’s a savings of more than $10 on just one medication.

Even More Savings

There’s another factor to consider when ordering pet medications from Canadian pharmacies. Some of the pet medications that require a prescription to buy in the U.S. don’t require a prescription in Canada, so you can save money on vet bills.

For instance, I recently took my cat in for his annual exam. We have more than one cat and we take them for their annual exam at different times throughout the year to help ease the pain of one gigantic vet bill. Well, somehow one of my cats contracted worms so the vet prescribed Drontal. I asked the vet if he could prescribe it for my other two cats and he said to do that, we’d have to bring both cats in. That’s $40 for each cat just to walk in the door, $20 for each fecal check and $30 to medicate each cat. Total that up and you’re talking about another $180. Not a small chunk of change.

Well, to make a long story short I was kind of miffed that the vet was going to make me bring the other cats in (not to mention the pain it would be to figure out which stool sample belonged to which cat) rather than just medicate them all and get it over with. So onto the Internet I went and found out that you could order Drontal from a reputable Canadian pharmacy without a prescription for a mere $4 a pill. Since each cat needed two pills, the pet medications came out to a total of $16 plus shipping. Sure beats the $180 that the vet wanted.

Buyer Beware

Now while I definitely agree with saving money where you can, I also need to warn you that there are dishonest foreign pharmacies that will sell outdated product, counterfeit product and products that can even harm your pet. That being said, make sure that the pharmacy you order your pet medications from has a solid reputation and guarantees their product. And while I do agree it’s important for pets to have annual checkups, I definitely think you can save a pretty penny ordering your annual pet medications this way.