Pet Owners Should Look Into Licensing Requirements

Legal Obligations May Take Pet Owners by Surprise

Pet owners may find themselves unpleasantly surprised if they don’t check into local laws and ordinances regarding pet ownership. While many people think that legal pet ownership is just a matter of going to the local pet store or humane society and paying the price or the adoption fee for your new cat or dog, it is actually more involved than that. So pet owners beware — what you don’t know can hurt you.

Vaccination and Licensing Requirements

Many pet owners who have dogs and outdoor cats realize that vaccinations such as rabies and distemper shots are a requirement in most areas, but do pet owners who only own indoor cats realize that vaccinations are also required for those animals as well? Many towns and cities require all dogs and cats, whether they are kept indoors or out, be vaccinated at all times.

In addition to vaccination requirements, pet owners may also be required to license their cat or dog in the city or village they live in. If you don’t license your pet, you may be at risk of being heavily fined or even having your animal taken away from you.

And don’t forget, more than one license may be required if you own a dog that is considered to be a dangerous breed. Many villages, cities and towns have implemented additional licensing requirements for these types of dogs.

Check with your city or village to see what licensing requirements are established where you live.

Indoor/Outdoor Cats

Even when pet owners have their cats licensed and vaccinated, they can run into problems if they let their cats roam outside. If you live in an area that has ordinances about cats and dogs running at large, you may find yourself in trouble.

While many people don’t think twice about letting their cats roam outside from time to time, pesky neighbors on a vendetta can cause problems if they know your cat is running around when it shouldn’t be.

By being proactive about licensing and vaccination requirements, pet owners can avoid major headaches down the road.