Product Review of the iPad Tablet

Everything you need to know about the new iPad

Lately the iPad is everywhere, and it’s got a lot of people wondering: should I buy an iPad tablet, stick with my notebook computer, or just ignore the whole thing? If that describes you, don’t worry: here’s our consumer iPad review to guide you through the mess.

What iPad is good for

Let’s start with the positives. What’s great about the iPad? Quite a lot, actually. There are tons of bonuses to this product, including:

Great video

iPad video features let you watch movies, visit YouTube, and the like, all with excellent quality and good sound (although you need headphones to really get the full experience). Even in sunlight you don’t usually have much of a problem, although the iPad 3G has a slightly better picture.

Web browsing and email

With no loading or shut down time, the iPad tablet is a fantastic way to deal with your portable computer needs. It’s a little bit heavy — not ridiculously so, but you’ll want to lay it on your lap or a table to use it. It quickly and reliably searches the web and its built in keyboard makes replying to email much easier than on a smartphone!


With the iPad, you can download books from Amazon and let the device function as a Kindle. You can also read magazines, newspapers, and a wide variety of other materials easily.

Battery life

A common complaint about the iPhone is its short battery life. The iPad is its polar opposite in this respect: it has a far longer battery life than a standard notebook computer, making it extremely useful for things like watching movies on a plane.

What needs improvement

I think the iPad is a fantastic product, but there are definitely areas where it falls down. Here are some of the things you might not love so much about your iPad tablet:


It’s not great for typing. The built in touch screen keyboard has a bit of lag, and you certainly wouldn’t want to type out a report or something.

Third party applications

Third party applications cannot run in the background. For example, that means you can’t keep your IM running while you work on something else.

No USB port

No USB port means that if you want to save something, you need to use Google docs.

No “flash”

The browser doesn’t support flash based websites.

So in general, is the iPad a good product? I think so. It’s a lot of fun, the battery lasts forever, and you can accomplish a lot with it. Even though there are things that could improve, this iPad review gives two thumbs up.