Protect Your Family with Simple Home Security Tips

Home security doesn’t have to be expensive. Try these free tips

You don’t have to purchase state of the art home security devices to keep your family safe. Here’s how to protect your family and home from burglary without spending a dime.

Be careful about what you throw away

Be careful about what you throw away and how you dispose of your trash. When you buy expensive items like computers, flat screen TVs, or gaming systems, don’t just put the box out by the curb.

A dead giveaway that you have nice stuff in your home is your trash. Thieves look for clues like this to help them decide which house to rob next. After all, they want the robbery to be worth their while.

Also, be careful about throwing about billing statements, credit card offers, and any paper that has personal information. This is a dream come true for identity thieves.

Turn your telephone down

You have the ringer on your phone turned up loudly so you can hear it. Guess what? Thieves can hear it too. If thieves hear your phone ringing and no one answers, they know you aren’t home and seize the chance to break into your house.

Take your name off the mailbox

Most home thieves prefer to break in when no one is home. To do this, they cruise your neighborhood looking for houses that look like no one is home. To be sure, they can get your name off your mailbox, call 411, get your phone number and call you.

If no one answers, the thieves know they are good to go and proceed to break in. Be sure and remove your name from the mailbox.

Make your home look occupied

This may not be energy efficient, but it works well to keep thieves away from your home. When you leave, keep one or two lights on.

Better yet, have a timer that turns lights and TVs off and on to fool thieves who may be watching your home. Close all your curtains or blinds before you leave so no one can see into your house.

Lock up

This seems like a no-brainer, but many people simply forget to lock the house when they leave. You want to make it as difficult as possible for thieves to break into your home so be sure you lock the doors.

Also, forget the hide-a-key. Thieves know that most people hide keys to the house and that we aren’t too tricky about hiding places. Play it safe. If you’re really afraid of locking yourself out of the house, leave a key with a trusted neighbor.

Home security solutions don’t have to be expensive or difficult. Easily keep your home and your family safe by following these tips.