Psychic Readings: Fact or Fiction?

Are Psychic Readings For Real?

It’s quite enticing — the thought of being able to know what your future holds. Are you going to get that job you’ve been striving for? Will your love interest return your feelings? Is your financial situation ever going to change? Psychic readings promise to unravel the mysteries of your present and reveal the secrets of your future– for a fee of course. But are these psychic readings real or are they just another gimmick?

An Age Old Debate

Are there such things as psychics who can really give psychic readings? That still remains a mystery. No one can prove or disprove the existence of true psychics. But if there are real psychics in this world, do you really believe they’re working for $10 an hour on some 1-800 line? Probably not.

Let’s Get Real

Now when I see these 1-800 psychic readings offered to the public, I just have to laugh. Not only do I think that there’s no way a real psychic would work for these phone lines, I highly doubt anyone with any real talent would claim to be able to give psychic readings over the phone.