Rare Coins Minted in Philadelphia

Do You Have Any Rare Coins in Your Pocket?

Have you heard about the rare coins that were just released? There might be a way to actually make money with your gold George Washington $1 coins. The U.S. Mint in Philadelphia recently released approximately 50,000 coins in error, and because of the error, experts are expecting that the coins will be worth about $50 each. Do you have one these rare coins?

What’s the Big Deal?

All U.S. coins and all paper currency have the phrase “In God We Trust.” However, a rare batch of U.S. gold coins that was minted in error actually does not have this phrase. The rare coins include some of the new George Washington coins that were recently released.

Hold Your Horses

Don’t get excited just yet. On the George Washington coins the phrase “In God We Trust” is actually minted on the edge of the coin. So if you look at both flat surfaces of your coins and don’t see the phrase, that doesn’t mean you’ve found one of the misprinted coins. Take a look at the edges to determine if your coin is missing the phrase. If it is, then you’re lucky enough to have one of the rare coins.

Initially, one of the rare coins was sold for $600. Once it was established just how many were probably minted, the coins only sold for around $50. Still, though, that’s a 5000% return on investment, and you can’t really find a deal like that anywhere. You could, of course, hang onto it, and it might be worth more in years to come.

Most reports of these coins occurred near Philadelphia, possibly because half of the coins were minted there, and presumably distributed there. Don’t lose hope, though, if you don’t live near Philadelphia. Money circulates quickly, and there’s really no telling just where these rare coins might end up.