Reduce Your Utility Bill With These 6 Top Tips

Want to reduce your utility bill? Try these tips

Looking for ways to cut your utility bill? You’re not alone. Americans spend over 160 billion per year to heat, cool, and light their homes. Make a few simple changes in the home, save up to 30% on your bill, and put that money to better use.

Tip #1 — Change your light bulbs

We’re all used to standard light bulbs and making the switch to CFLs or compact fluorescent light bulbs is difficult at first due to the cost. CFLs are an average of $1 more per bulb, but they last ten times longer, uses less electricity, and produce less heat.

Tip #2 — Unplug electronics

You know to turn off electronic appliances like TVs and computers when not in use, but take it one step further and unplug them. Your computer and TV are still using electricity when not in use but are plugged in. Electronics are responsible for using 5% of all electricity produced in the United States. By unplugging, you can save a lot of energy.

Tip #3 — Install motion sensors

Instead of trying to remember to turn off the light every time you leave a room, install motion sensors that do it for you.

Tip #4 — Don’t pre-rinse the dishes

Pre-rinsing dishes before you hand-wash them or put them in the dishwasher uses up to 20 gallons of heated water a day. Instead, just scrape off the food and put them straight into the dishwasher.

Tip #5 — Improve insulation

Adding extra insulation to your attic and exterior walls lowers heating and cooling costs by 30%. Insulation for the attic is inexpensive and easy to install. For added insulation to exterior walls, hire a professional. The savings are well worth the expense.

Tip #6 — Check your windows and doors

Check your windows and doors for cracks and leaks where air escapes or comes in. Caulking and using weather-stripping, cuts your utility bill by 20%.

If the utility bill is eating up your extra money each month, take action. Follow these helpful tips and start saving money today.