Rent DVDs for Free

Why Pay for DVDs When You Can Get Them for Free?

I’ve recently discovered the cheapest way for me to enjoy DVDs and videos, and it doesn’t cost me a penny. You’re probably wondering where this hidden gem is that I discovered. The answer is the local library. I rarely used to rent DVDs from my local library. Where I used to live before, it cost $1.00 to rent videos from my library. That was still a good price for DVDs, but it was just easier for me to go to the video store which was on my way home every day.

Let’s Hear It For The Library

The local library where I now live has a wide selection of DVDs and videos, and they lend them out to patrons for one whole week at a time. There is no fee involved unless you don’t return the items by their due date. I absolutely love it. I have to admit that I’m spoiled. Our local library functions much like a community hangout. It is always busy, and there are so many worthwhile activities going on there on a regular basis. The kids’ area has giant soft building blocks and other toys for kids. It almost looks like a toy store.

When you come in the entrance, it almost looks like you are at any major bookstore. The DVDs are nicely displayed just like at the video store. Once you enter, it’s very hard to leave and go home.

There are other hidden gems at the local library as well. Most libraries have an impressive section of audio books which can be a great choice for you if you are going on a long car trip. Audio books can be quite expensive, but not when you borrow them for free from your local library. Audio books are a great way to enjoy a new book or a fun way to revisit a book you already read before and loved. But the DVDs are the best bargain, and they can provide free entertainment for you and your family which will stretch your pocketbook further.