Road Trips: Making Your Next Vacation an Adventure

Tips for Making the Most of your Road Trips

Kids, more so than any other members of the family, are likely to appreciate and enjoy impromptu family road trips. With a minimal amount of planning and preparation, you can all experience a memorable trip without any pre-trip stress! Here are some helpful tips to get you started…

Visit Your Visitor’s Center

As summer draws to a close, and everyone is focusing on preparing for the upcoming school year, it is often a relief to children to get one more chance to just have some fun. Consider packing everyone into the car and heading to your local visitor center. There you will find literally hundreds of brochures with information about worthwhile places to visit.

Encourage everyone, even the smallest children, to pick several brochures for places that interest them, and have a short family pow-wow to choose a few locations that are close enough to each other to be visited within a particular period of time (one day or a weekend, generally). Then, plug the specifics of each location into your GPS unit (always helpful!) and set out on your family road trips!

Gas Price Issues

If you don’t want to travel too far due to rising gas costs, you don’t have to forgo road trips altogether. Nearby state and national parks, monuments and museums are great places to visit on day trips.

Chances are good that you haven’t seen all that your local area has to offer; even if you have, many of the museums have exhibits that change regularly, so there is always something new to see and learn about.

Celebrate Summer In The Sand

If you’re looking for a more traditional destination for your road trip, head to the nearest beach. During late summer, the weather is usually perfect for spending some time building sand castles and splashing through the waves. It is the ideal way to soak up the last rays of the summer sun.

Every child has fond memories of some time spent at the beach; add to your child’s memory vault by wrapping up their summer vacation amongst the sun, sand and waves.

And remember, it’s not what you do on these family road trips that matters most — it’s the fact that you’re spending quality time with the ones you love before summer is completely over.