Safe Tanning: Is It a Myth or Is It Reality?

What You Need to Know About Safe Tanning Alternatives

The other day my mother told me she was going to the local tanning spa to see their new safe tanning bed. After arguing with her that there is no such thing as a safe tanning bed, I thought perhaps I’d missed something and decided to look into the matter for myself. What I found out was surprising. Before you head out to get a “safe” tanning session, there are some things you need to know.

They’re Lying To You

There’s no two ways around it – if you visit a tanning salon and they tell you the beds they use are safe tanning beds they’re lying. Yes, it’s true that some tanning beds are safer than others, but the fact of the matter remains that ALL tanning beds can cause cancer. UV rays are UV rays, regardless of what type of UV rays they are. If it’s a bed and it gives you a tan, it’s a cancer risk.

But It’s FDA Approved!

Some tanning salons will go as far as telling you that the tanning beds are safe because they are FDA approved. The FDA regulates some of the use and labeling of tanning beds – they never have endorsed indoor tanning and have never deemed any tanning bed to be safe. If a salon employee tells you otherwise, they’re either misinformed our outright lying.

Is There Any Way To Tan Safely?

When it comes to safe tanning, the only really safe alternatives are artificial tans. Mystic Tan booths (booths that mist you with a spray-on tan) and professional air brushing, while more expensive, are definitely safer.

Just remember, no matter what they tell you at the tanning place, there is no such thing as safe tanning when it comes to tanning beds. It’s like saying light cigarettes are safe or that minimal exposure to asbestos can’t hurt you.