Save Big on Back to School Supplies

Save money on back to school supplies with these 4 tips

Let’s face it. The cost for back to school supplies sometimes “breaks the bank.” Cut some serious cost on all those necessary supplies; check out these tips.

Shop at home

Get your child’s back to school list, look at it and see what you already have at home. Odds are, many items on the list are found in last year’s backpack and pencil box. Rulers? Pen? Packs of paper? Unused notebooks? Look around and find a treasure.

Comparison shop

Stores are super competitive when it comes to getting you to shop at their stores for your back to school supplies. Take advantage of all the sales that these stores have to compete for your business. If you have stores that honor price comparison, review all the flyers and sales papers from your local newspaper first. Find the store that has the best deals. And ask them to honor the sales that other stores are having too.

Resist impulse buying

After finding the store with the best deals, make a list and stick to it. It is tempting to buy the cute little extras that you think the kids will enjoy. That’s fine if your budget allows for those items, but if you really want to cut costs — stick to your list.

If your children insist on having extras that are not in your budget, agree to split the cost with them, or let them use their allowance to pay for it.

Tax-free shopping days

Some states now participate in tax-free shopping. On these days, you can buy anything school related tax free. For some states, this means a savings of up to 10%. Check to see if your state participates in this program.

Follow these 4 tips and rest assured you are saving big on those back to school supplies.