Save Big When You Buy Online

Do you like to shop and buy online? Here are three websites that help you save the most money possible

When you buy online, wouldn’t it be great if you always knew where the best deals were and exactly when the items you want went on sale? Well, now you can. Here are three websites that alert you when the specific item you want goes on sale. Shopping online has never been easier!

ShoppingNotes is an online shopping service that watches prices for you. If you know an item you want, visit the site, enter the product page URL and ShoppingNotes sends you an alert when that particular item goes on sale.

This way, if you know you have a special event coming up, like a wedding or the prom, find a dress you like online. Then, go to the Shopping Notes website and enter your information and they’ll track the price for you. If the price drops, you get an email alerting you to the sale so you can buy it at the lowest possible price.

Also, install their ‘Save My Shopping Notes’ button. This handy little button installs so when you find an item that you want to watch for a drop in sales price, simply click the button. This way, you don’t have to stop shopping and go back to the website each time. Shopping notes is a reputable site that’s featured in Oprah magazine, on Cnet, and in the Los Angeles Times. So you don’t have to worry about them spamming you or selling your email address.

PriceProtectr is a similar online shopping experience to Shopping Notes except they add one more feature. Not only will Price Protectr alert you when a product you’re interested in goes on sale, they watch the item for you for 30 days and let you know if the price drops.

Many stores offer price protection. If the item you buy goes on sale within 30 days, you get a rebate for the difference. For example, you buy a grill at Sears. Three days later it’s on sale for $15 less than you paid. Price Protectr emails you letting you know. You can contact the store and get a rebate for the $15. So far, Price Protectr has saved their site visitors a total of $3,074,327.50. Pretty good!

Price Pinx

Price Pinx works the same way as Shopping Notes with the addition of a section that’s handy for shopping online. At Pinxter Community, check out what other people watch and what’s gone on sale. You just might see a deal that you didn’t know you needed!

These three online shopping sites boost your budget in a huge way. Whether you’re a fashionista wanting and needing the latest styles or your have a house full of kids, buy online with these three websites. Save a bundle and always get what you want… when it’s on sale.