Save Money – Repurpose on Purpose

Before you throw those unused items away, repurpose them and save big

Repurpose — a funny word that most Americans don’t know. It may be new to younger generations, but you can bet your mother and grandmother knew the meaning of the word. Repurposing is taking something you are not using or are about to throw away and think up a new use for it. Here are some ideas to get you started and help you save money.

Repurposing Ideas

Idea #1 — Shower Curtains

If you have an old shower curtain lying around or you just replaced the ones in your bathrooms, hang on to them. You can wash most shower curtains by washing them on gentle in your washer. Once they are clean, you can use them for several things.

How about a drop cloth? When it comes time to paint, you don’t want to spend money on buying a drop cloth. An old shower curtain is perfect.

Take it on a picnic. No, I’m not kidding. Use it under your picnic blanket or tablecloth to keep moisture from seeping into your blanket. It protects the blanket or quilt you’re using and gives you a nice dry blanket to sit on.

Your kids will love this — a slip and slide. When the kids say their bored, throw out the shower curtain, squirt some liquid dishwashing detergent and water on it and you have a great way for the kids to have fun sliding around.

Idea #2 — Unused Fabric or Rags

Maybe you are or maybe you aren’t a sewing-aholic like me. The trouble is, I find fabric that I know I just have to have and then never get around to using it. If you’re cleaning out your craft room, your children have outgrown fabric with Strawberry Shortcake on it, and you don’t want to throw the fabric away, turn it into a rag rug.

Old Clothes

You can do the same thing with old clothes, sweaters, and rags that too damaged to donate. Take the old clothes and rags, cut them into strips and make a really cute rag rug.

If you happen to be a knitter and love knitting for charity, never, ever, get rid of old sweaters. Unravel the sweater and wind the yarn into balls. With one sweater, you can easily get one or two chemo caps or four preemie caps. For larger projects, like afghans, collect yarn until you have enough to complete the item.

Old Furniture

Do you have a dresser that is simply too old and ugly to use in the house? How about putting it in the garage? Old dressers make great tool chests or work well to organize other garage-type stuff.

Need a pantry? Take an old bookshelf and attach old shutters for doors. You can find old shutters by visiting the thrift store, junk store, or antique shops. Clean and paint and you’re all done.

Have an old table? Re-paint or refinish it, seal it and use it outside for patio furniture.

Old socks? Give them to your husband to use in the workshop as rags or use them as dusting gloves – quick and easy.

Miscellaneous Ideas

For potted plants, use old bowls or teapots for unique planters. Drill a couple of holes in the bottom before planting and you’ll have a great planter.

Old suitcase? Attach four legs and you have a table with storage. These sell for around $50 at antique shops.

Need a cake plate? Use an old plate or platter and glue a coffee mug to it for the stand. These can turn out really cute.

Birdbath – Glue an old cup and saucer together. Attach it to a stick or pole and stick it in the ground. You can put water or bird feed in it. The birds love it and it makes a good conversation piece.

There’s No End in Sight

As you can see, we could continue along these lines forever. There’s just no end to repurposing. Read over these tips again. Put your thinking cap on. You’ll be amazed at how many great ideas you come up with to repurpose your old stuff and save money.