Save Money — Make Your Own Laundry Detergent

Tired of paying high prices for laundry detergent? Make your own and save

I don’t know about you, but paying big bucks for laundry detergent just isn’t my idea of fun. I have other things to spend my hard earned money on, but when faced with a mountain of dirty clothes, what do you do? You can shop around and buy the cheapest laundry detergents or try making your own.

You may be thinking, “Hmmmm….homemade laundry detergent…does it actually work? Will it actually be cheaper? Who has time to make their own detergent?” The answers to these questions are yes, yes, and you do. Follow this step-by-step recipe and you will have a detergent that really works, costs only .03 per load, and is fast and kind of fun to make.

Homemade laundry detergent ingredients

— 1 bar of soap

— 1 cup of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda – one box is enough to make 6 batches of detergent

— 1/2 cup of borax – one box will make tons of detergent

— A 5-gallon bucket with a lid

Steps to making detergent

1. On the stovetop, heat 4 cups of water

2. While the water is heating, grate your bar of soap. Choose any bar of soap you like. If you want to make natural laundry detergent, choose a natural bar of soap.

3. Add grated bar of soap to the hot water, stir until the soap is dissolved. Remove from stovetop.

4. Pour 3 gallons of hot water into the clean, empty 5-gallon bucket.

5. Pour your soapy water mixture from the stove into the bucket.

6. Add 1 cup of washing soda and 1/2 cup of borax.

7. Stir until well-blended and let sit overnight. In the morning, you have a bucket of ‘slimy’ detergent.

I use one cup of detergent per load of laundry and it works great! Making and using this detergent helps me save loads of money, which I appreciate. But I also use this detergent because it doesn’t cause allergy problems.

If you have family members who are sensitive to the perfumes in detergents, you’ll love this because it has no smell at all. Of course, if you miss your detergent having a nice smell, you can always buy essential oils like lavender or lemon and add a couple of drops to the mixture after it has cooled.

Making your own laundry detergent may sound a little bizarre, but it works, it saves money, helps our family with allergies, and to tell you the truth, it’s pretty fun to make.