Save Money and Brew Tasty Coffee at Home

You Can Save Money without Compromising Taste

Making coffee at home is a great way to save money. Buying coffee at a local coffee shop can be convenient, but it is also costly. I’ve talked before about making coffee at home to save money, and hopefully you’re following that advice. Today, I’d like to address how to make coffee that actually tastes good.

Making It the Right Way

If you make coffee at home to save money and it doesn’t taste as good as the java at your local coffee shop, you are probably going to give up on home brewing and head back to the local coffee shop. Don’t give up just yet.

The Water Matters

National coffee chains like Starbucks claim to use triple-filtered water when preparing their coffee. At home, if you have a spring water cooler, you should definitely use spring water to prepare your coffee.

If you don’t have spring water available, then you should definitely try to filter your tap water. Purchase a water pitcher that has a built-in filter and always keep it in your refrigerator so you have filtered water on hand at all times.

Quality Beans Mean Quality Taste

If you’re making your coffee at home, splurge on a more expensive coffee. You can definitely afford a higher-priced coffee if you make it yourself, and it’s nice to indulge just a little especially when you’re already saving a lot of money by making your own coffee at home.

Anyone who knows anything about coffee knows that there’s a huge difference between a gourmet bean and a discount grocery store bean. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on the gourmet bean. Yes, it costs more than the discount brand but you’ll be less likely to miss the even costlier coffee at the coffee house.

So if you took my previous advice and stopped buying coffee at the coffee house and started brewing at home, but you weren’t satisfied with the results, remember that quality counts. Make sure you use the right beans and the right water and you’ll continue to save money each and every day.