Save Money at the Grocery Store — Avoid These Gimmicks

If you really want to save money at the grocery store, be aware of these tricks that get you to spend

You only needed one item. So why did you leave the grocery store with fifteen and a lot less money? If you’re like me, and tired of spending a chunk of money for groceries, you need to learn these gimmicks that grocery stores use to make us spend more. By being aware, avoid these common pitfalls and instead, watch your savings start piling up.

Limited quantities

One of the oldest tricks in the book used by sales people is to create a sense of urgency. Start paying attention and you’ll notice this ploy everywhere.
‘Hurry, while supplies last’, ‘Quantities limited’, ‘If you call in the next ten minutes…’

Everything from TV commercials to grocery store sales, urge you to hurry up and buy before the product is gone. If you need the item, buy it. But, don’t worry about a shortage. It’ll most likely be there next week.

Limited time

Often stores run sales for a limited time, and many times these sales are pretty good. The trick is they get you in the store for a couple of good sales and tempt you to check out the other ‘limited time’ sales you don’t want to miss something. In the meantime, you fill up your basket with items you didn’t really need and that aren’t very good sales.

Loss leader

A loss leader sale is when the store lowers the price on one item to an unbelievably good price. You go to the store for that one item, but, of course, you buy a few extra items while you’re there.

Impulse buys

Grocery stores make their real money when they get you to buy items you never intended to buy in the first place. Their goal is to interrupt your train of thought and get you to switch your focus from your grocery list to other products. They do this in several ways.

— One way of doing this is with stand-alone product displays. This will be a rack or some type of display that you physically must steer around. While you steer around it, you take a look and possibly buy the product.

— Oversized signs are another way to encourage impulse buys. These signs with their large arrows direct your attention right where they want it.

— Warehouse displays usually have a sales price on them. The display consists of the product stacked up in the isle while still in the box. It looks like the grocery store has extra product and needs to sell it at a great price to get rid of it.

By being aware of ‘limited quantities’, ‘limited time’, loss leaders, and impulse buys, you better arm yourself in your fight against spending too much at the grocery store. Train yourself to watch for these tricks and begin saving money.