Save Money by Doing It Yourself

Alternatives to Salon Services Allow Consumers to Save Money

A great way to save money is to trim down personal grooming services. Savvy consumers can attest to the fact that they save money very easily by not going to the salon for every single service they need. The salon can be enjoyable, but the services you get there add up considerably. If you want to save money on personal grooming services, the following tips will help.

How Much Can It REALLY Grow In Six Weeks?

Most hair stylists recommend that female clients get their hair cut every four to six weeks. Face it, even if you had no qualms about spending the money for a haircut once every month or so, your life is probably too busy to get to the salon that frequently. Consider getting a style you can get a lot of mileage out of. Sure you might not have the absolute latest style, but as long as the style suits you well, you and those around you probably won’t even notice the difference. Extend the duration between haircuts to every six to eight weeks. This can save you a few hundred dollars per year.

Go Wax Yourself

Another costly salon service is waxing. You can save money by buying a waxing kit for home use. Beauty supply stores sell electronic waxing units for under $20. Make sure that you carefully read the instructions that come with the waxing unit you buy. The price of a waxing unit easily pays off with just one use.

Keep Your Nails to Yourself

Artificial nails and manicures are also costly salon services to which there are less expensive alternatives. You can buy nail polish and paint your own nails at home to save money. If you want artificial nails for a formal event you are attending, purchase the artificial nails that you can glue on yourself. They cost less than $10 and are a great way to save money. Salon nail services cost $50 and up.

If you want to occasionally splurge on a salon service, go ahead. When you save money throughout the year by following the above tips, you certainly deserve to occasionally splurge.