Save Money by Getting More for Less

Quick Tips For Consumers Who Want To Save Money

There’s no doubt about it, there are many, many ways to save money. And who doesn’t love a bargain or money-saving tip that you can use at home? How’d you like to double your money by getting more for less? Here’s how…

Softening the Cost of Fabric Softener

In most households the laundry room is used daily. Doing multiple loads of laundry can really add up. Save money by cutting your fabric softener sheets in half. Trust us, you won’t even know the difference. We’ve also had some readers who have reported success with cutting their dryer sheets in thirds!

Half Time

This “half” mentality really applies to almost anything. You could probably use half the amount of liquid laundry detergent you regularly use and not even detect a difference (as long as you use a quality brand).

The same goes for dish soap, shampoo and condition. You’d be surprised at the number of consumers who pour gobs of the stuff into their hands when a smidgen would do. Cut back on the amount you use and you’ll be able to save money and stretch your dollar further.

Teeth Time

Dental hygiene is important, and we’re not arguing with that. But many consumers simply use too much toothpaste. Use a small amount to cover your toothbrush. If you have globs of toothpaste falling off your toothbrush, then you’re using too much. Save money by using just enough to get the job done. The size of a pea should do it for you.

Tour Your House

Browse around your house and look for even more ways to consume less of everything. Chances are you’ll come up with your own unique ways to reduce waste. Just make sure you report back to us with any new and inventive ways you discover that help you save money.