Save Money on Airline Tickets — Fly Standing Up

Would you buy a cheap airline ticket even if you don’t get to sit down

Have you heard? Your next airline ticket could be for standing room only. That is if Michael O’Leary has his way. Mr. O’Leary is coming up with all sorts of clever ideas to offer cheaper air travel. You might like this one — you might not.

Michael O’Leary is the CEO of Ryanair Airline. He’s been brainstorming some ideas that would allow you to have the cheapest flight possible. One of his ideas is to take out the last fifteen rows of seats on all Ryanair plans and turn it into an area for passengers to stand.

Of course, this wouldn’t work on long, overseas flights. But O’Leary thinks it’s just might work for passengers who have short flights of one hour or less. Now before you think standing in flight isn’t for you, think again.

O’Leary is planning on offering the spaces for $5 each. Not too bad, huh?

Before you pooh-pooh this idea or get excited about it, whichever the case may be, wait. Ryanair has consulted with Boeing about refitting its fleet with ‘vertical seatbelts’.

But, the Civil Aviation Authority says all passengers must wear a ‘seatbelt’ during landing and takeoff. In other words, Mr. O’Leary’s ‘standing room only’ idea might not make it off the ground.