Save Money on New Books With An E-Reader

Brand new hardbacks cost upwards of $30 these days, and let’s not even get started on textbooks. One way to save money on new books is to go digital

If you really want to save money on new books, especially hardbacks, you might have to change your psychology a little.

Now, what do I mean by that?

Well, consider this: why does anyone ever buy a book just after it’s published? They’re expensive, and you can usually get a copy on the cheap — used or in a different format — in just a few months.

That’s easy to answer: you snap it up because you love the writer or the series, and you want to read the new creation ASAP. That being the case, does it really have to be printed on paper?

Um, Well…

Many readers are fixed on physical books, just as the entire publishing industry was until recently. But c’mon, now — a book is more than paper, ink, and glue. What really matters are the words and the ideas they carry, not the format. Electronic books are just as real as paper ones, if more ephemeral.

And here’s another thing: after a few years of burying its collective head in the sand, the publishing industry has finally realized that it doesn’t cost nearly as much to put together an e-book as it does to print a paper-based book. They’re still oriented toward paper, but they’ve started to come down on e-book prices.

Previously, that was the biggest argument against new e-books: they cost as much as the paper version, and you didn’t end up with something you could put on your shelf. But now you can get a brand new original e-book for as little as a third of the price of the hardback version.

But E-Book Readers Are Expensive.

Not anymore. Nowadays you can get a top-notch e-book reader for as little as $139, which puts it easily within birthday and Christmas present range. Sure, you have an initial outlay if you don’t get one as a gift, but if you purchase as few as ten new books at their electronic prices, the reader will pay for itself.

This is a great deal for those of us who absolutely love to read and aren’t hung up on owning physical books. And anyone who owns a good e-reader, like a Kindle or Sony Reader, will tell you that it causes no more eyestrain than a regular book.

The Kicker

Many writers are still experimenting with this new medium, so with a little digging, you can get free novels and short stories galore. The quality may be a little uneven, but hey, this is true in any category of literature. Personally, I’ve discovered several great new authors this way.

In my book, this is one of the best ways to save money on new books!