Save Money on Shoes

Don’t pay top dollar for shoes. Ask these 3 questions before you buy your next pair

Are you tired of paying top dollar for shoes? Of course, shoes are a necessity in our society, but while you must wear and buy them, there’s no reason for a large chunk of your budget to be going to shoes. Here are the three questions to ask yourself before buy your next pair of shoes.

#1 — Are the shoes necessary?

Before you buy a pair of shoes, take time to decide if they are really necessary. Of course, if your children have outgrown their shoes, the answer is yes. However, if your reason for buying a new pair of shoes is, ‘they’re cute!’ then maybe the answer should be, ‘no.’

#2 — Is this the best price?

Make it a rule to never pair full price for a pair of shoes. Always try to buy your shoes at least 50% to 75% off by watching for sales. Another great way to avoid paying full price for your shoes and find cheap shoes for women is by shopping for seconds. Most medium to large cities have a store for seconds. Seconds are shoes that stores used for display, used on their mannequins or used in a fashion show. You can usually find these stores by searching online.

Some stores also stock overruns. This happens when stores buy too much of a particular style of shoe and then doesn’t sell them all. The store then sells them to discount stores. Look around your city for stores that stock seconds and overruns.

Also, check thrift and consignment shops for discount shoes for women, men and children. The thought of wearing previously worn shoes might not appeal to you, but many times, you can find shoes in thrift or consignment shops that are brand new. Sometimes the owner bought the shoes only to later decide they didn’t like them and never wore them. With a little polish and sanitizer, you can have a pair of shoes that look brand new.

#3 — Are they practical?

Sometimes, it fun to have the latest fashion in shoes or ‘the’ pair of shoes that perfectly completes your favorite outfit. But, when it comes to saving money on shoes, you need to be a bit more practical. Instead of having four pairs of black shoes, why not buy two pairs — one for cold weather and one for warm weather. To make your shoes last as long as possible, buy darker colored shoes. Lighter colors show more scuff marks and scratches.

Buy your children’s shoes slightly larger than necessary to give them some growing room. When they first get the shoes, they can wear thicker socks and as they grow into the shoes, they can switch to thinner socks. Of course, do this within reason. Don’t buy shoes for your children so large that they are uncomfortable or cause your kids to fall.

When you buy your children a new pair of tennis shoes, save the old pair for playtime and the new pair for school or more dress-up occasions. Wash your children’s sneakers by hand rather than using the washing machine. The washing machine tends to wear the shoes out faster. Give the shoes a good soaking and then scrub the outside with a scrub brush to give the shoes a longer life.

There’s no reason to spend a great deal of money on shoes. By asking yourself these three questions, and answering them honestly… save yourself a lot of money on your next pair of shoes.