Save Money on This Year’s Halloween Party

Have a great Halloween party without spending a great deal of money

Is it possible to have a Halloween party without spending a frightening amount of money? Sure it is. Use these Halloween party ideas for a great party without racking up charges on your credit card.

Tip #1 — Go homemade

You know the best way to save money is to make everything yourself. Browse magazines or surf online to get ideas for Halloween party food that’s cheap to make. Your punch can be witches brew with floating eyeballs. Fill latex gloves with Jell-O© for spooky hands your guests can eat one finger at a time. Dip Nutter Butter cookies in white chocolate and decorate as ghosts.

Have guests bring one Halloween-themed food to the party and have a contest to see which is most popular. The competition always gets kids to bring great treats. These are just a few ideas for easy food. Magazines and the Internet are full of more ideas.

Print invitations from the Internet and have your kids hand-deliver them to save on invitations and postage. Halloween printables are everywhere on the Internet. Print them out and use for decorations, games and party favor bags.

Tip #2 — Don’t overdo on decorations

Too often when planning a party of any type, you tend to concentrate too much on decorating. Let’s face it. The only people who really pay attention to the decorations are the ones that are first to arrive. By the time several guests are there, they’re involved in talking, socializing, eating, and dancing to pay too much attention to the decorations.

Of course, with a Halloween party, Halloween party decorations do play a part. So decorate, but do it sparingly. Don’t go overboard with a big display. Decorate where guests are most likely to notice. For instance, concentrate on decorations at the entrance and on the food table. For the rest of the house, put small decorations together. Group some candles, or ghosts on a table.

Shop discount shops for decorations. If you love having a yearly Halloween party, stock up on decorations after the holiday. You’ll find Halloween party decorations anywhere from 50% to 70% off. Don’t forget to keep an eye out during the year too at yard sales. You can find lots of ‘treasure’ that make good Halloween decorations

Tip #3 — Make fun the main attraction

What do kids want when they go to a Halloween party? They want to have fun. Food is important and decorations are cool, but the main event is the fun. If it’s a teen party you’re planning, you’re in luck. A few decorations, some great music to dance to, pizzas, and soft drinks will do the trick.

If you’re throwing a bash for the little guys, focus on Halloween party games. Games where the kids can win candy, lots of candy, are the favorites. Try some of the old classic games you played when you were a kid — just adapt them for Halloween.

Play Pin the Nose on the Pumpkin or musical chairs with spooky music. How about limbo with spooky music and a ‘witch’s broom’ for the limbo stick? Set up a Pumpkin beanbag toss game. Using a piece of poster board, make a large pumpkin board. Leave holes where the eyes, nose and mouth go and give a certain number of pieces of candy depending on which hole the bean bag lands. Make beanbags to look like candy corn.

Fill a jar with candy eyeballs and have the kids guess the number of eyeballs. The winner gets all the candy. Play ‘hot potato’ but pass a small pumpkin or small bag of candy instead. Use toilet paper and have a team game to see who can make a mummy the fastest. Don’t forget, you can always have a costume contest. As you can see, it’s easy to adapt old games to a Halloween theme for fun.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for your kids to have fun. With a little bit of work, the Internet, and some fun games, you can have a Halloween party your kids will remember for a long time.