Save Money with Google

Google helps you save money — Learn how

Everyone knows Google is a good search engine, but did you know they could also help you save money? It’s true. Google is state-of-the-art thanks to the fact that they employ some of the smartest people on the planet. Now you can take advantage of the availability of Google and their smart employees and let them help you save more money.

Google apps

‘Google apps’ is a familiar term these days due to cell phones like the iPhone and other smart phones, but apps existed long before they began being applied to phones. Google has many useful apps online. The problem is most people aren’t aware they even exist. This is where you can begin to save money with Google.

Google has this handy little app called ‘Google Alerts’. If you do business online, you are probably already familiar with it, but if not, here’s how you can put it to good use toward saving money.

Here’s how Google Alerts works. Say, you’re looking for a specific topic. You like to snow ski so you’re interested in snow reports in the U.S. With Google Alerts, you can set up an account for every ski resort snow report and anytime the report updates, Google will send you an email.

Now let’s apply this to saving money

1. Go to Google Alerts

2. Enter your search terms

If you want alerts from your favorite coupon site like Coupon Bug, enter the URL (or that http://address at the top of your page) for that website. If you want to enter a term such as ‘grocery coupons’, you can. For the best results, be specific. Otherwise, your email box gets flooded.

If you have a favorite store and want to know when they have new sales, enter something like ‘Old Navy sales’. Do you see the potential here?

3. Enter the ‘Type’ of information you are interested in

Your choices are:

— Comprehensive
— News
— Blogs
— Video
— Web
— Group

4. Enter how often you want alerts

5. Choose how long you want your email to be

Choose up to 20 results per email or up to 50 results per email.

6. Enter the email address you want the alerts sent to

Set up a ‘junk’ email folder to handle your alerts, but Google Alerts is so manageable you probably won’t need to. If you find you are no longer interested in getting alerts, they’re easy to cancel.

Go back to Google Alerts. At the bottom of the page, you’ll see a link that says, ‘click here to manage your alerts.’ It will take you to a page where you simply click ‘delete’, and the alerts stop immediately.

There you have it — one more way to use the great services of Google and save money at the same time!