Save Soap — Save Money

Discover the correct amount of soap to use in your clothes and dishwashers to save money

You wouldn’t think saving on soap would save much money. But, hey, little expenses add up. By using the correct amounts, you can cut your expense of washing clothes and dishes in half. Learn the correct amount to use to save big.

Using too much soap?

According to Vernon Schmidt, the author of ‘Appliance Handbook for Women: Simple Enough Even a Man Can Understand‘, we use 10 to 15 times too much soap. Why? For several reasons.

First, we often ‘eyeball’ the amounts of soap we use. When we do this, we tend to pour in too much instead of too little.

Second, how much detergent you need to clean effectively depends a great deal on what type of water you have. Depending on whether your water is soft or hard, Mr. Schmidt says we only need to use one-eighth to one-half the recommended amount.

Third, we think we need to see the soap in action. Many times, unless we see soapsuds, we afraid we haven’t used enough laundry soap. Jill Notini, a representative for the Association of Home Appliance Manufactures, says if you see soapsuds, you’ve used too much detergent.

Fourth, appliances are designed to be more eco-friendly. Appliances use less water than they once did. This means they also use less soap.

And finally, the fifth and last reason you use to much is that most soaps are now concentrated in an effort to make packaging smaller which takes up less space in landfills.

What does a little extra soap hurt?

For one thing, using too much dishwasher or clothes washer detergent costs money. By using half the amount of detergent you’re using now, you can cut your detergent costs in half.

The second reason you don’t want to use too much soap is it shortens the life of your washing machine and leaves your clothes stiff. Soap residue in your machine also encourages the growth of mold and mildew.

Too much soap in your dishwasher leaves your dishes spotty looking with a soap film.

What’s the correct amount of soap to use?

In dishwashers, fill only to the lines in the soap dish. Too many times, we fill it to the top until we are barely able to get the lid on the soap dispenser to shut. Save money and wear and tear on your dishwasher by using the correct amount.

Mr. Schmidt advises to best way to tell if you use too much soap is to wash a load of towels without any detergent. For front-loading washers, wash four to six towels. For top-loading washers, wash one.

Don’t add any detergent. Use hot water and wash for about five minutes. Stop the machine and check for soapsuds or soap residue. If you see any, it means that the towels still had soap in them from the last washing. In other words, you’re using too much soap. Begin cutting back on soap until your towels can pass this test.

You can see how using too much soap is costing you too much money. It wears your appliances out, leaves your dishes with a soapy film, and shortens the life of your clothes. Start paying closer attention to how much soap you use and you can save money all around.